Pitch Bends and Fall Offs, etc.

Just upgraded to Dorico Pro 3 and I’m happy to purchase it and help support it’s further development. I am also very impressed with all the new features, obviously. My biggest wishes though have still not been addressed much. I write for jazz saxophones and I’m sure many other folks have the same need as I do for playback of pitch bends, falls, lifts, etc. In Dorico 3 I can now add pitch bends in the play mode, manually. Awesome! But we really shouldn’t have to make that extra step. Adding a pitch bend before or after a note on the score should automatically be heard in playback. And I really, really need to be able to write a fall off and hear that on playback. Please, please add these features in the next update and soon.

Well, it’s been clearly stated that this is planned… and until now, we’ve never been deceived by that team!

It’s not trivial to add features like this, otherwise we would have done them already, but as you can see from the scope of Dorico 3, we’ve not been twiddling our thumbs. We know playback of scoops, falls, etc. – not to mention guitar bends – is important to many users, and we do plan to add it in future.

I understand, and I’ll be looking forward to these features being implemented when possible. Thanks