pitch change on 1 track effects all

I did a guitar track then copied it to another track then double clicked the copied guitar track to edit it with VariAudio and make the key changes to the track to get a harmony …the key changes are now on the original track as well !!! dont get why the pitch change would effect other tracks that are not on. HELP

Hi and welcome,

Once you processed the change, Cubase asked you, if you want to apply the change to all instances of the Audio file, or if you want to create a new version of the file. You should click to New Version.

If you didn’t do it, you can either remove the process and do it once again. Or as a workaround, you can copy the source Audio file (on the system level) and insert the copied file back to Cubase as another file (it will be the un-processed one). The original file doesn’t change, the processed file is stored in the Edits folder, so you can use the copy of the original file as a new file.