Pitch change when playing back previous recording

Hi There.

I loaded a previously recorded song (on which I worked many times without problems) from the Recent Projects window.
The key of the song when recorded was: G.
If I load the songs now, the playback is in A .

So: I closed all programs, restarted my computer: result is the same.
I tried other songs, and found that the pitch of ALL (!!) songs I previously ( 2 months ago) recorded now play back 2 semi tones higher.
I don’t understand, because if you load a song, you also load settings like tempo, frames, etc.

I have absolutely no clue what is going on here… so please HELP!
What on earth causes the playback to be 2 semi tones higher than the original recording.


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Make sure the Project’s Sample Rate matches your Audio Device Sample Rate, please.

Hi Martin,

Thanks amillion! That’s the solution indeed!
It has to be 44.100 and seems to be changed 48.000
But why it is changed when I open a previously created CPR-file… I have no clue.
Maybe I hit a button somewhere.
Anyway, problem solved.

Beste regards,