Pitch Change

Hope somebody can help me…
When I select a piece of audio, copy it and try to pitch change it on audio process, it has suddenly started to change all audio on the track. Previously I have been able to copy a bit of audio and pitch change just the copied segment leaving the original unchanged. This has only started happening today!
Thank you in anticipation…

(Cubase 10.5)


Preferences -> on processing shared clips (or similar to that)

Thank you, I’ve no idea how that changed but it did, so much appreciated.

Blessings I am waiting for help with this similar question.
“ o I am running Cubase 10 on an iMac 13.6 and I am utilizing “sampler” with a bass riff I played. I would like to know how (if ) I can have different pitches of this sampled sound across my keyboard, without changing speed/tempo. Please help, I did see some videos regarding “variaudio", and pitch shifting in there” but this looks tedious and non-tactile.”
Can you help?