Pitch Change

Im trying to pitch change a track (bass part) down a semi-tone… I have tried all the different options ‘quick’, musical, complex etc etc and nothing I leave the computer for around an hour each time to see if anything happens but nothing - after an hour or so I have to Ctl + Alt + Del and close Cubase down and restart the computer as it acts very unstable if I do not do this.
I am unable to recall the Bass player in for the session - any help/advice would be greatful…BTW this was also the case with Cubase 8 & 8.5

The only way I could do it (and it seems like its goung to be the same with ver 9. was to cut the audio into very small parts of two or three bars in length and pitch change each bit one at a time - :frowning:

On my older system (specs below) a five minute stereo file takes about eight minutes to pitch shift but does so reliably. Your system specs might help someone point a finger to the issue.

Also OS, Audio interface, any other glitches. Does the performance meter indicate anything?

Or pm Me and I’ll run it through Melodyne for you.