Pitch changing: sample rate issue

Hi all,

I’ve had this problem for a long time now and it’s really upsetting. Been trying to record music and voice overs using cubase 5 and mostly they play fine in the cubase system. Then when I export it plays back like I’m on helium. Then when I go back to the project in cubase it plays back at just over a tone higher in pitch (same as playback through Windows Media Player/VLC). Enormously frustrating and time consuming. Checked everything on the computer I could think of to do with sample rate and it all tallies. So I get back to work this morning and check the MP3 exported track on my new superfast machine and of course it’s still helium. One exported mixdown is the right length but has about 30 - 40 seconds of silence at the end. The others are that 30 - 40 seconds short. So I try using this sound management software called Audacity. I note the imported file into Audacity is at a sample rate of 48, the way it was recorded. So I try changing it to 44.1 and it plays back at the correct pitch! I feel near a solution but still can’t quite take that final step. It’s like when it plays back through Windows Media Player or VLC their sample rate doesn’t match the sample rate of the recording so it sounds sped up. Then the playback mode takes control of the sound card and plays back the track on cubase at the wrong rate too. If I shut down cubase and reopen it, the project plays back in cubase at the correct pitch again. Also, some recordings play back slow (lower pitch) in cubase until I play a little bit of bought music thru WMP or vlc. Then when I go back to the project in cubase I can listen to it at the correct pitch. However, I cannot export anything without the whole song sounding sped up on every sound system I try to listen through. My projects are all set up on cubase using 48 sample rate and 24 bit. The sound card (Lexicon Alpha) is set at a sample rate of 48 in the cubase device set up control panel.

Help!! How do I regain control??

Also, most of my vst instruments now play the wrong pitch when I hit the keys on the keyboard. I can hear the correct note through the kb speakers but through cubase the note is just over a semitone too high. Yikes!