Pitch Correct - I'm missing something about this.


I use Melodyne Studio most of the time for pitch fixes but have heard a good deal about the Pitch Correct in Nuendo. Having just upgraded to 5.5, I was looking around and opened Pitch Correct to look at it. I’ve seen graphics of similar editing to Melodyne but all I could get to display is the keyboard. In behavior this is more like AutoTune.

How do I access other features and displays in Pitch Correct?



I’ll go ahead and tell myself to RTFM, but feel to comment anyway, thanks!

Perhaps you are thinking of variaudio.
It has a graphic view that is similar visually to Melodyne and imho, sounds even better.

I’ll bet you are correct.

Please do take a moment and read the manual, because the new variaudio is AWESOME! Very transparent and offers good options for connecting/editing various vocal phrases, etc. I have only used it on vocals so far, but for me, the upgrade was worth it for that alone. Give it a try.

Thanks! My mix room is down for a couple of weeks (building a new mix room) and I’m using some of the time catching up on features I haven’t used yet. Unfortunately my print manuals are packed so I’ve been searching the Help options. Variaudio looks to be really useful!