Pitch Correct - not A-minor?

Hello all,

“A” natural minor scale notes are: A B C D E F G

I Nuendo 5.1.1. Set “Pitch Correct” to: Internal - Minor - A

What gets highlighted are these notes C D E A B F# G#
and the singer’s notes are getting pulled to those incorrect notes

Other settings are speed 60, tolerence 50, transpose 0.0, shift 0, optimize General, Preservation On.

Does anyone else get these results?
Am I doing something wrong, is Nuendo incorrect?


Nuendo is correct as far as the ascending melodic minor scale is concerned. However the other possibilities are the one you suggested, which is the melodic descending, and also A B C D E F G# which is the harmonic minor (both directions). Unless you can choose which of these to use, I guess you’re stuck with the default. If this is the case you’ll have to correct the notes manually.


DG thanks for your responce, not sure the answer is helping the situation. I have a simple song here in the key of A minor, the background singer needs some help, so I turn on Nuendo’s Pitch Correct, set it to A minor. It pulls her notes off key. It sounds terrible. Why is the F key labeled A, why is the G key labeled B? It would be helpful if someone could open the plug-in, test it to see if it is working correctly on their system. Mine does not look right and does not give good results. I would appreciate the verification from someone. Yes I did set the notes manually to complete the job.

In Antares AutoTune you set it to the key of A, scale of minor, and it sounds great with only ABCDEFG notes available. Simple, quick, great.

Nuendo is Great

Well if it doesn’t have the scale you’re looking for (A- aeolian, or “natural”), then just set it to C major (ionian). Same pitches, yes?

Wow, whipping out the theory! And here I thought we’d all become computer nerds! :smiley:

Finally some good use of my College degree I suppose…

A small but complete tool for learning the different scales (+ virtually “all” chords one could imagine) on keyboard and frets is available at www.scaletool.com. It’s free.

music theory? … since 33 years I use my ears :wink:

ok, I have learn all these scales, but I never need it to make (rock, funk, world) music …

Thanks Matthias ! I’ve found a software replacement for “La règle à Dadi” ! At last.

Whoooohooo ! That looks funky, me WANT !

Clear, for a bass player, who emits most likely just one note per bar, this might work well. The chance of hitting a cool bass tone is as high as 3/12, and the rest can be considered as freedom of art :blush:

Ok, this is not a advertising for me :wink:

Here is a little Bass-Solo. I don’t know these Band (the music come from a CD), I don’t know the chords what the guy on keyboard played and I don’t know, what I’m played :open_mouth: … only released my feel and my fingers in improvisation (sorry for bad timing :blush: )

Very cool playing! Well, actually I wouldn’t call that a “bad timing”, I wished I could play that at 1/4 of the tempo !

I’m lucky that you did not feel offended, because this was not intended of course. The more ppl come to the studio with programmed bass tracks from Trilian or Basis or whatever, the more I miss such real playing, which almost in every situation (even for House/Electro/DubStep tracks) sounds far better. So, just to have it in my stock of instruments, I bought an ordinary 4-string and a fretless, but phew… this more often than not ends up with excessive use of VariAudio :wink:

Beste Grüße aus dem regnerischen Norden,

Thanx Matthias!

Yes, real playing have more lifeness as a programmed track, because there a many deadnotes in playing. On Stage with my Band I play a 5 min Funky-Bass-Solo … no chance with notes, scalas or other music theory, play only with fingers an my belly :wink: I don’t like Bands, who came the musicans on stage with a music stand … :unamused:

Grüße aus dem sonnigen, aber windigem Süden,

Sure comes in hand when using an “auto-tune” software though, apparently…

Bassman. I believe you may have stated the most intelligent response yet. You are obviously a scholar. Thank you.

I was hoping some of us could check to verify that there are discrepancies in this plug-in. It could be helpful to others to know, or show where I’m wrong. Then hopefully SB would look into it.

Using A Minor as an example.

1st. The display keys are labeled with presumably the active notes that the Scale Source is set to. But it is confusing to see these labels placed over the wrong keyboard notes. OK, maybe no big deal as long as it functions correctly, still it shakes confidence to see.

2nd. I, for one, assumed the default minor key would be a Natural Minor scale, as it is for instance, in Antares AutoTune. I guess Nuendo has chosen a different variation. Most of you seem to think that it is Ok because of all the variations to the minor scale. I find it not at all helpful, particular if the variation is not notated.

3rd. TEST
Open Pitch Correct. Set Speed to a value grater than Off and set Scale source to Internal, Minor, A. The Display shows the active notes to correct:
C D E A B F# G#

When playing notes through Pitch Correct it actually pulls the notes to:
A B C D E F G#

Different than the displayed notes??

Unless there is some setting or preference I haven’t found, it seems to be broken. I have not done any testing in other keys or settings.

I hope this makes sense and is helpful. Further discoveries, confirmations or explanations are appreciated. Work-a-rounds are not necessary; I’ll use Custom or Chromatic from now on.

Nuendo is great

Why not C ionian? Doesn’t that give you exactly what you need?

Lydiot thanks for trying to help, but a work-a-round is not helpful. Discrepancies in function is what I was hoping to confirm.

Oh, ok. I thought you were actually trying to use it now and needed a quick fix to it…

I’m a old shool musican, what the musican can’t play in studio, that he can’t play on stage. I don’t condemn Autotune, Melodyne or others (I’m a technique-freak), but I have done many records in my life and never touched Software like this … and in not any studio who I play, there uses Autotune … only musicans, who dominate there instruments.

Hm … but I think, this times die out :neutral_face: