Pitch Correct plug-in not showing

Hi everyone, I originally purchased Cubase LE AI Elements 9 but they recently offered me a free upgrade to the 12 version (So I now use Cubase LE AI Elements 12). I found myself in the need of using autotune for a friend and saw online that my version should have an already integrated plug-in called Pitch Correct to help me achieve something close to the autotune.
But! In the “Insert” menu under “Pitch Shift” there is only the plug-in “Octave”. I also checked in the other version I had installed (Cubase LE AI Elements 9) but nope, it doesn’t appear and it’s not in the list of blocked vts things. Yes, I’ve also pressed the “search again” button and it found nothing.
I also tried reinstalling the software, What could I do?

The plug-in is available from elements up. If you have le or ai you would need to upgrade to elements or higher.

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I think you might be confusing the different Cubase Editions - there is Cubase LE and AI, which you get free with some Hardware products, and which don’t contain Pitch Correct, and there is Cubase Elements, which is the smallest paid edition, which contains Pitch correct.
So you probably just have AI or LE (those were the ones where Steinberg offered the free upgrade to 12), but don’t worry, there is a free pitch correction software from Melda called MAutopitch which you could install and use.

I think that’s exactly the case because they gave me an activation code when I bought a Yamaha mixing console. I might have got confused about it because if I click on my software it actually has “Elements” in the name! Thank you so much btw

For some reason that is unbeknownst to me Steinberg decided to name Cubase LE, Cubase AI, and Cubase Elements all the same as far as the actual installed prgram name is concerned: Cubase LE AI Elements.
This has often enough made attempts to help users on this forum hard as the first thing us helping hands try to find out is: which edition of Cubase do you got? and it usually takes several posts to find out.