Pitch correction/automation

Hey everyone,

I cannot get through the problem of changing pitch notes in the key editor. Basically I want to make a vocal chops, but change the pitch of some of them in time in key editor (not in Groove Agent ! as I want to use same sound/chop but sometimes on a different pitch). Groove Agent One doesn’t respond to key editor pitch changes for each note.

Any solution to this problem ?


you need a sampler. for Cubase, you can try kontakt, halion, machfive etc. they cost money. others might give tips on free ones that probably exist. search google for vst sampler. but be prepared to spend a lot of time learning.

Thanks for the reply ! I tried to omit this… but it seems I’m gonna get one.
I found Shortcircuit to be well rated as a freeware sampler.

If you have Padshop Pro (a $10 upgrade from Padshop) you can use that as a sampler. You can even drag n drop audio from the project page directly into Padshop Pro. I use it all the time for my basic sampling needs… the granular effects are another bonus too. If I want to do more complicated stuff like mapping different samples to different key ranges I use Kontakt.

also check out UVI Workstation…World leading FREE Sampler (& some)…