Pitch Correction work flow opinions.

Hey everyone,
For many years I’ve used Melodyne for pitch correction and i’ve been fine with that, but with C9 I’ve finally started working with the built in pitch correction via VariAudio. My question is about workflow – which i’m finding a bit clumsy.

While doing pitch corrections I’m frequently switching to the “segment” tool to break apart blobs, but then I find it annoying that I have to then use the mouse to switch back to the pitch tool to then move the newly cut blob. Back and forth and back and forth. I wish i could just use the standard scissor tool like in the regular project editor instead of this proprietary set of tools for VariAudio.

Does anyone else share this view? Does anyone have any tips or custom key commands that help to speed things up?

On PC hitting the “TAB” key will switch between segments and pitch.

I second what Alexis said (it applies to OSX too). Also:

Assign a Key Command to Quantize the pitch of selected notes 100%.

Thanks very much Alexis and Bodega. I can’t believe it was just “Tab” this whole time. I was scouring the manual trying to find some information. Thank you.

Also, good point about a key command for 100%. Thanks peeps!