Pitch functions: German translation

I think the German translation of the pitch-transform functions can be a little misleading.

In Germany we are used to the words “Krebs” and “Umkehrung”, respectively “reversal” and “inversion”.
Dorico translates “inversion” to “Invertierung”, although it should be called “Umkehrung”
and it translates “reversal” to “Umkehrung”, although it should be called “Krebs”.

Now: I know there is no good way of making “Krebs” ("reversal) a verb, but calling the function “Tonhöhe umkehren” is misleading, as “Umkehrung” is used for “inversion” usually.

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This is indeed misleading. “Tonhöhen rückläufig” could replace “Tonhöhen umkehren”. But the clearest would probably be:

Invert pitches - Tonhöhen in Umkehrung
Reverse pitches - Tonhöhen im Krebs
Reverse and invert pitches - Tonhöhen in Krebsumkehrung

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Good suggestions. Just adding that the Rhythm should follow this nomenclature as well, such as „Rhythmus im Krebs“.