Pitch information corrupt by Wavelab

The pitch information stored in the wave header is corrupt after saving the file with Wavelab 9.5.

The corruption consist in rounding to the nearest cent. Wavelab should not round pitch information set in the wave file header.

To reproduce: create a wave audio sample and set its pitch information in any capable audio editor, set the information so that it is precise to the fraction of a cent. So, for example, set note B3 plus 4.26 cents. Save this information into the wave header.

Now, open that audio sample in Wavelab. Do any editing, such as fade-in, save the audio file.

Open the file in some capable audio editor and display its stored pitch information. It will read note B3 plus 4 cents. The cent information was rounded by Wavelab, the pitch information is no longer precise. Wavelab corrupts the pitch information stored in the wave file header.

What can I do to help this bug be removed from Wavelab, please?

How many people actually deal with fractions of a “cent”? How important is this? ???

Very important for all who work with exact temperaments, for research. Or those, who prepare samples for samplers where everything must be very exact so that other algorythms (for example repitching algorythms) must work precisely.

I don’t think it should matter how many people use a certain function. IMO, such information should simply not be changed by WL. If info is stored in the header and the precision is there, why would WL change that information?

My book of temperaments uses cents with two decimal places.

The data format allows to store detune with a finer resolution that 1 cent,
this is something that could be changed in WaveLab in the future. But this is the 1st time I hear such a request.


Interesting topic


just my cent ,-)

regards S-EH

No problem I just wondered why it was important. I like to know things. Now I know. :slight_smile:

That is not surprising, because we, who need the functionality, work with other audio editors, which have not such limitations. It is only recently that I tested Wavelab, because of its batch process. It is very powerful, but limitations inherent to Wavelab are discouraging. The two limitations: storing not precise pitch information, storing only 2 loops (in wrong way, with loop ending points mixed up when the loops were intersecting originaly).

I miss the bug report forum for Wavelab. Cubase has bug report forum here, but Wavelab seems not to have one. Still, Wavelab has many bugs and limitations, it would deserve bug report forum, so that the input from users does not get overlooked by developers for the future versions.

You obviously are new to the WL forum. WL does not need a bug report forum (IMO) since the developer PG, is very active here and directly responds or takes any feature request or bug report to heart.

Further, saying that WL has many bugs and many limitations is a bold statement, certainly if you’re new to the program. Anyone starting out with WL will tell you they do many many discoveries as they are using the software. Actually, I’ve been using it since version 3 and I even still find things that are ‘new’ to me (and then PG says it was there since version ancient :wink:). Also your use case sounds quite unique, so yeah as this topic shows, you’ll probably find limitations that other users don’t, because they use it for mastering audio, comping radio shows or editing meta-data in bulk.