Pitch issue in SamplerTrack

The coarse knob at -1 is exactly the same as 0.

Cubase Pro 10.0.50, Win 10.


I found the reason. It seems the Coarse knob has higher precision then the semitone. As you can see, if you move the knob a bit, there is still “0 semi” written in the tooltip. Once you set it to -1, it’s not -1 yet, so you have to move it even a bit.

the issue is the high resolution of the knob here.

Reported to Steinberg CAN-25815

Well the sampler track pitch only have 2 knob, the semitones and the fine. The one for semitones is bugging, it only move as 0, 1, 2, 3 or - 1, - 2,-3 etc, and only - 1 is buggy, every other number works fine.
So I can’t be what you explained, but thanks for the answer


Then maybe it behaves different on Mac vs Windows…

This issue is still present in 10.5.0
I actually reported it to Steinberg a year ago and it was marked as solved so I’ve just re-opened my ticket.
It basically takes 2 notches of the knob to change the pitch 1 semitone. Nothing happens in the first notch but the display changes.
i.e. Move the knob 1 notch to the left. Pitch shows as -1 but no change to the sound. Move it another notch, display remains as -1 but now the pitch has actually changed to -1 semitone. This happens for all pitches in both directions.