Pitch kick in realtime?

I’ve shift from fruity loops to cubase. In fruity loops i could pitch my kick in realtime so it would fit my bassline. Now is this possible to do in cubase?
Very thankful for any help


Does your Kick comes from Audio file, or do you use any Virtual Instrument, please?

Sorry i use kickdrums from audio.


Then you can select the Audio Event and change the Pitch in the Info Line. Either via Transpose field or Fine-Tune.

Or you an make a Sampler Track out of it and trigger the Kick via MIDI (and use other then the Root Key to change the Pitch). Or you can drag and drop it to the Groove Agent and tune it in the Groove Agent. Then trigger it via MIDI.

I will try using the various ways you described.
Im very thankful from all the help i get from you.
Thank you very much :smiley::pray: