Pitch/modulation wheels have stopped recording automation..

Hi all:)

It seems that my pitchwheel and mod wheel have stopped being able to write automation to track…(any synth)
From controller or GUI… (Midi data is being sent and heard-just not recorded as automation)

Does anybody know what would remedy this?

Thank you all and have a nice weekend:)

(Only pitch and modwheel-all other things work)

Addendum: it records when i use the record button /retrospective, but not the R/W buttons

Also- if i select to view the pitchbend automation lane, i see that it is reading , just not writing…

Edit 2: omg, did i always do this with retrospective/record? Cant be… -> i was sure that it worked with the automation write before -even yesterday…lol…
(Kinda thought that after that it crashed after that note expression thing…) ah well…

Any insight ?