Pitch of my project is changing

I’ve just recently had this happen with a couple of projects - for no apparent reason, the whole project starts to go flat, pitchwise. I can reopen the project and it’ll be (sometimes) fine, but then it will start to slow down inexorably as I play it. Has this happened to anybody before? Any ideas how to fix it?


Antony Mann.

Cubase 6.0.0, Windows 7 32-bit laptop, 2.7 Ghz, 3 GB Ram.

Try to install last update of Cubase 6.0.x.

Check, your sample rate doesn’t change.

Thanks Martin. Just a technical follow-up question - does sample rate apply to MIDI as well as audio? The most recent project this has happened to is all MIDI files, no audio.



No, sample-rate doesn’t affect MIDI events.

What you hear is definitely not the MIDI data though…

unless you have a broken pitch wheel on a hardware MIDI keyboard that is leaking bad pitch data, while you keep switching MIDI channels infecting all the tracks in the project. And no, I don’t think that is true. :smiley: OTOH projects changing pitch is such a weird event the solution is probably not very much less insane than my proposal. :wink:

Trust me, I’ve been there, done that many moons ago but it was CC#7 instead. :blush: :laughing:

Bottom line: The pitch doesn’t change in Cubase!

Hi there,

is everything changed, I mean the sound of the whole project?

Which Audio- Card/ ASIO device do you use exactly?




Yes, the whole project just starts to go flat. Happened again tonight on this particular project I’m working on. Yesterday, the pitch was okay, today, after recording some vocals (the rest is MIDI) the whole project just went flat.

I’m using Komplete Audio 6, version 3.0.3. Just recently downloaded the new drivers for this, I wonder if they could be causing a problem?



Hi there,

indeed there could be an issue with the project sample rate and the sample rate of your Komplete 6 device.
Some ASIO devices can override the sample rate in the Cubase project (but they should not if the ASIO driver would be programmed in the ASIO specifications).

This misbehavior could occur for example, when…

  • you open up the Software Control Panel of the device before you start Cubase

  • you open the Software Control Panel separately while you are using Cubase

  • Or the device is plugged into the computer after Cubase has been started and the project

If the error occurs again, please check the Project Sample rate and the ASIO driver in Cubase.
Under Devices/Device Setup/VST Audiosystem you can try to reset the ASIO driver.

Hope this can help…



I have started to have this issue since I changed my audio interface to the UR824 with Cubase 6.5.

First, a project went ‘flat’, and slowed down…Including the midi data. Now the same thing has happened, but it is now ‘sharp’, by almost a semi-tone.
The tempo has stayed the same in both cases, even though the project was noticeably both slower and faster than it had been…

The sample rate hasn’t changed, and even if it had, it wouldn’t explain the midi data slowing down and speeding up to match it.

I have no idea why it is doing it.

I use Komplete audio 6 and every new driver that has been released, when I install it, causes slow down, pitch change and pops and clicks. This happens not only in cubase but any audio application.

I reinstall the original drivers and it all works fine again.

Hi Soapmak3r,

thank you for the information.

The UR824 can not change the Sample- Rate to a different amount than that one you are using in your Cubase project.
Please send further information:

  • Which Audio- Card and driver did you use before?

  • Have you already tried to reset the ASIO driver under Devices/ Device Setup/ VST Audio System?



Megacon - thanks, sounds like in my case it’s the drivers, still having slow-down problems, reset of the Komplete Ausio 6 fixes it for a while then it goes crap again. I’ll go back to the original drivers and see how it goes.