Pitch of whole project is a whole tone too high

I am scoring a short movie and just now noticed that everything in the project sounds a whole tone higher in pitch, so the sound effects in the movie and the pitch of the used vst instruments. Why is this? Is there a global pitch setting that is doing this? How can I fix this?

Check the sample rate of the project

I did. I discovered now that my Audio Interface is the problem. It’s a Fast track m-audio. When I plug my headphone into my iMac directly, everything is OK. Is there a way to fix this? Maybe a driver I need to install specially for use in Cubase? In Logic X, everything is normal, so it’s Cubase related.

You not making yourself very clear , inside Cubase you have your Project sample rate <IF the project is set to 48khz instead of 44.1khz with a 44.1 khz project then Cubase will sound as thou it is pitched up and every other program will sound fine because they are set at the correct sample rate .
Check the sample rates are the same in Cubase and your interface .

The project is set to 44100 (the video sample rate). When I check in Studio Setup, I see this message that 44.100 is an Unsupported Sample Rate. The result is that the playback is 1 whole tone higher. This only happens when I choose the M-Audio interface for output. When I choose the iMac audio output, everything is fine and that error message goes away. So it seems that my Audio Interface isn’t compatible with Cubase unless there is a driver update?

To be honest i have never worked with Video so maybe someone else could offer some advice but isn’t the standard format 48khz for video then as you say , your soundcard is incompatible

Well, as long as the video’s audio is 44100, I think it should not make a difference, but I think it’s the Audio Interface that can’t handle it. It’s an oldie, maybe I should upgrade to a new model by now.

The audio interface works fine with Logic, even with 48 K movies, so it’s probably Cubase that isn’t working with the Audio Interface.

I noticed that even with no tracks loaded in a new empty project, I see the error message in Studio Setup, that 44.100 is an Unsupported Sample Rate the moment I choose the E-mu Fast Track audio interface as my output. So this probably means that Cubase and this audio Interface are not compatible?

My problem is fixed. I bought a Steinberg Audio Interface, UR22C, and now the pitch problem is gone. Also, the error message that I got every time after I closed Cubase doesn’t happen either anymore. The E-mu Fast Track audio interface was maybe too old to work with Cubase, I bought it about 15 years ago and it was a very simple model.

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