Pitch Quantizing Dialog - audio quality bad

I just bought Wavelab 9.5. I’m trying to batch Process a lot of samples (from analog synth) for a kontakt instrument. All the samples are slightly out of tune so I have tried correcting them with Pitch Quantizing. My problem is that I find the audio quality bad compared to the original samples. No matter which setting I’m using.

I use the highest quality setting (slow). I have tried Liasson Time from 0 - 10. The samples are mono and 48 Hz.

I have read the manual:

Do any of you have experiences how to keep the Audio quality of the samples when doing Pitch Quantizing? Maybe I misunderstand something.

All the best

The Pitch Quantizing is actually a misleading name, because its purpose is to add an effect on pitch. The quantizing happens by step. This is not a “pitch correction” effect.

Hi Phillippe

Thank you for your help. Now I understand it better. I got 400 gb samples from one of my favourites analog synth. They are old slightly a little bit out of tune but not the same amount. I was hoping Pitch Quantizing could have been a short cut to fix it.

Since Wavelab can not pitch correct multiple samples at once at various levels of detune - do you know of any other programs tha can do so?

It takes really really long time for me if I have to pitch each sample manually…

To anybody who read this tread for a solution on the problem. It is possible to do in Reaper. Please see this tread:

I hope the same function will come in Wavelab 10 :slight_smile: