Pitch shifitng in LE 4

Hello all

I just started using le 4 (got it bundled with hardware), and am having difficulty shifting the pitch of audio samples AND having it affect the tempo. I have successfully explored the “transpose” option, but the tempo of the track remains the same. Because some of the music I make is centered around a sample, I need to be able to shift the pitch and tempo. Any help would be appreciated.


The audio file has to be in “musical mode” for a tempo change to stretch or squeeze the audio. You can set it in the pool or in the sample editor (don’t use LE so don’t know if these are called the same thing)

Hi jaslan

Thanks for the quick reply. I have tried this but to no avail. In retrospect, I should have said that what I am really after is to speed up (or down a sample (which will affect the pitch) - the same way one would do on a turntable. Specifically, my process looks like this:

  1. record an audio sample from vinyl into cubase. I do not know the bpm of the sample , however, cubase is set to the default 120 bpm. (Does this affect all later processing? Is there a way to bypass setting the project tempo?)

  2. without preserving the pitch of the sample, i would like to speed the sample up or down and, when I am happy with where it sits tempo-wise, I would like to determine what the bpm is and set the project tempo as such

  3. if I determine that the sample is out of tune, I finetune the pitch in cents and preserve the tempo of the new (sped up or slowed down) sample - which I have successfully managed to figure out as per my first post

If I understand “musical mode” correctly, it will only allow me to “transpose/pitch-shift” while maintaining the same tempo and/or change tempo while preserving pitch. Is this correct?

All I would like to do is emulate a record player and alter the speed and pitch proportionately, and THEN determine my project tempo.

I hope that I’ve been more clear, and again help is appreciated!



Also, google “dblue glitch”, a muti-effect VST that has some neat glitch effects.

thanks jaslan and mashedmitten for the replies.

unfortunately, I don’t think that i conveyed the issue clearly enough, and after a very frustrating 12 hours, I have determined that what i want to do is an impossibility in Cubase.

Simply, I’d like to do what my hardware sampler of yore was capable of (before timestretching was around) - and that is to NOT treat pitch and tempo as mutually exclusive attributes, so that if you speed up a sample the pitch MUST change with it.

It seems like such a simple feature to have overlooked in such a powerful program. In fact, I recall that I could do it years ago in an ancient version of acid. I’m cringing at the thought of having to install another program and bounce between them for such a simple task.

If anyone comes across a solution please post - i will also follow up if i figure it out


You could download a vst sampler, plenty out there (free ones as well) also have a look in audio processing, don’t know if LE4 has off line processing but if it does look for Pitch Shift, either Transpose and/or Envelope.