Pitch shift audition lags while previewing, turn off the tone?

It lags a lot when I press the “audition-button” in Direct Offline Processing. Especially when I have heard the sample one time and want to change to another pitch. It is to the degree that it makes it hard to sustain the workflow. When I try to change the tone and preview the sound so I can hear that it sounds as i want, Cubase wants to first play the current note of the sample and then the note Im about to shift to first, before it plays the sample in the new tone. That part with the tones takes many seconds and leads to lag. I have had the same problem in Cubase 9.5 aswell as Cubase 11 which I use now. I have an Intel Core i7-8700 3,2 GHz processor and 16 gb of ram and an Apollo Twin Duo sound card. Do anyone have the same problem? That it laggs when u want to preview the tones?


Do you use Control Room? Do you use Monitor bus in the Control Room?