Pitch shift automation?

Hello, everyone, new to this forum, but I need to atleast try to find more indepth answers regarding pitch automation in Cubase.
I registered first and foremost to ask for this. I’ve googled, youtubed, searched this forum and so on, but I can’t really find an answer that suits me. :unamused:
My question is: Is there any smart way to pitch shift audio with automation / envelopes that you can modify and atleast have some form of visual feedback that can be used in relation to other tracks?

eg. if I wanted to increase the volume of an audiotrack in relation to another track, I would rely somewhat on the visual aspects of an automation.
Don’t get me wrong, Cubase has got many great features, but something as basic as having an automation for pitch is missing in 2020? (The envelope doesn’t really do it for me, it gives me no direct control of the timing of the pitch in relation to other audio-tracks!).

This is included in free softwares even, how can this be? :confused:

I think it’s missing.