pitch shift is not working cubase 10

hello wish you all a nice day!!

im a real fan of the pich shift tool(envelope wiew) of cubase, but on cubase 10 it does not work:
cubase seams to cancel the pitch prossecing when is going to make a big distortion or such, i dont know exactly how to explain it:

for an example i pitched one sound (1/16 long) 12 octaves down (without time corection), the sound became hiher and the sample dint change the sice at all

i need allso the samples to change velocity independiently from the bpm of my track, the pitch shift(envelope mode) is one of the most important tools for making my style of music, now i could just think of downgrading again i cant work like these :frowning:

thanks in advance for your help and sorry that i was not able to explain me better then these!!!

please help me!!!

https://youtu.be/64An1OJ_4T4 i made a small video to show the problem

doesn’t work for me either, but it won’t do any process at all for me when I try to pitch shift. It will work for me with time correction on though.


see OxygenBeats post here:

yep not working