Pitch shift issue.

Hello, I surfed in this forum for about 10 days looking for answers on pitch shift.

I can’t make pitch shift / bend to samples or melody and I think its unbelievable cubase doesnt have this basic option.

I think its more possible that I dont know how to this automation then the heroic cubase dont support this.

can someone here please teach me how to do pitch automations here ?

As i found alternative such as waves soundshift it supports up to 12 notes (octave) … i probably need more !! :S 12 is not enough !!

please help this is kind of things that will make me abandon a daw :<

help appreciated !

Of course it supports it. Are you using a keyboard to write it?

no, i dont have midi keyboard… can’t i do this without it ?

Open the key editor/piano roll and in the long grass of CCs at the bottom you can draw pitch wheel info to your hearts content.

wow thanks it made me go a bit further,

can I control the number of notes !? like i need it about 2 octaves at least…

and how can i do this on audios ?

You need to configure the recieving instrument. Think of the pitch wheel as percentage information.

You can’t use pitch bend on audio unless you put it in to a sampler.

But you can pitch shift single audio events just by changing the note value in the info line.

OHH thank you both again, can you guide me how do i configure receiving instrument ?

Every instrument is different. You are looking for a pitch bend range…might be a global setting or possibly you need to set it for the specific preset (Halion Sonic works this way for example)

yeah you were right, so im almost all setup, i am very happy.

thank you so much guys, this was the best post with this topic so far !! there are a real answers here !

TNX TO ALL :smiley:

wrong. you select the audio slice, audio processing and pitch shift. From there you draw your own pitch curve.

Well yes this is possible, but as the pitch shift envelope is an offline process it’s not really what I would call pitch bend where you move a wheel or draw a ramp and can immediately audition within the track.

I guess can work for simple tasks.