Pitch shift Plug-in in C13?

I found " PitchDriver" after googling but it’s only seems to come with Nuendo. I found you can pitch shift in the FX Modulator , but there massive latency and it only gots up 7

Am I missing something or is there no pit shift plug-in?


What exactly do you want to achieve, please? What is your use case?

just a simple -12 + 12 with fine tune or even -24 +24 (which can be inserted on a VSTi track Audio track or Fx return) low latency real time

It’s not something much but needed it and could find one with Cubase, I can get a 3rd party one but I have been trying to use only stock plug-ins were possible since coming back to Cubase



+/-12 of what? What are the units? Semitones or cents?

Maybe Pitch Correct would do the trick:

The Transpose field lets you shift the pitch in semitones.

For octaves there is also Octaver:


You can also select any Audio Event or MIDI Part and use the Transpose in the Info Line.

This (100% FREE) one is pretty good.

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Sorry thought this was obvious. Just a simple basic pitch shifting plug-in plus Semitones with a fine "cents " which is normally + 50 /-50

seem odd with Cubase having so many plug-in that it doesn’t have a basic pitch shift plug-in

LPX has this very basic pitch shifter.
Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 17.41.35

That’s the one I found, and I’m probably gonna try it Thx

I couldn’t see if it was VST3 or not

Octaver is very cool , I use it a lot , so basically Octaver with + /- 12 Semi and a fine + /- 50


VST2 only in the download zip. Assuming Windows. MacOS is a closed book to me.
Last updated 10 years ago!

dam . thank of letting my know .


I guess it could be be this one

There’s also a free version of Inner Pitch with slightly reduced features.
Maybe you might also want to have a look at the free Kilohearts Essentials which come with a pitch shifter too.

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Man I missed that , Ill try it and if it any good buy for £29 -:slight_smile: Thx

You can ,thank you , it’s just not the same effect

Thanks Martin, Just installed the Free version and seem to work perfectly , Ill wait to see if there are any odd bugs before upgrading to the full version

its sound really good , but the CPU load is a little heavy for a simple plug-in , I am gonna try another from Pluginboutique next week on a trial just to compare CPU and sound

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