Pitch Shift when I Switch Drivers in Cubase [issue solved]

I am using two interfaces for separate purposes:

  1. Roland Quad-Capture
  2. Focusrite Virtual Reference Monitoring (VRM) Box.

The Roland is the standard interface I monitor and record with, and I also use the VRM Box for monitoring on headphones (For those unfamiliar with the VRM Box, here is a link to its description http://uk.focusrite.com/usb-audio-interfaces/vrm-box).

I want to liberally swap between the 2 drivers throughout the mixing process. The latest versions of both drivers have been successfully installed and both load without issue on Cubase.

The problem: There is an obvious pitch increase when I load the VRM Box driver in Cubase. This has nothing to do with effects, plugins etc and the tempo value on Cubase is unaffected. This is not an issue when Cubase is closed i.e. outside of Cubase. YouTube, Media Player etc do not suffer from this same change in pitch when the Roland and VRM Box playback drivers are switched. This is a problem exclusively in Cubase.

I would be very grateful for help with solving this problem. All suggestions are welcome.

Many thanks.

The most common cause for this is that the devices are running at different sample rates. You will have to go to their control panels without Cubase running to set them correctly, (at least it works that way for my Konnekt 24d)

Are you switching the drivers directly (from Roland to Focusrite)? Or did you tried to select “no driver” before moving to another one?

Sample rate was the issue. Problem solved.

Many thanks indeed for your help.

could you mark the topic solved if possible as it was user error