Pitch Shift (Which Option)

Hi, anyone any ideas on which is the best pitch option when pitch shifting a strummed acoustic guitar 1 tone (up or down)…thanks

Tuss: do you have le4 le5 or ?

In Cubase 6 I just recorded a little ditti in A at 120 BPM
and slowed it down and sped it up by

  1. Project ---- pool
  2. click musical mode
  3. left click elastique pro
  4. click elastique pro - tape

un click tempo
and use the up and down arrows on your computer keyboard
to raise or lower the value

A=120 bpm
A flat 115 bpm roughly
A# = 125 bpm

Note: the above was for Cubase 6
if this doesn’t work maybe others can help.

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: