Pitch shift?

My friend has Cubase 6.0 and has options to pitch audio. He clicks on the audio part and then goes to “Transpose” at the top of his screen (see image)

I, however do not have any option to pitch shift and I am running 6.5? See image:

Help needed!

You need to switch on the Info Line!

Click the second little box at the top left of the screen, just underneath the File menu.

All will become clear.


You must first select a part before this option appears.


Thank you so much much guys, got it sorted now!


You mean I don’t have to select audio part -> right-click -> Effects -> Pitch-shift -> etc etc??

Been doing it that way for years…this is much easier/quicker :open_mouth:

Thanks for the tip!

They are two different methods…
The one you have been using is “offline” (non-realtime) and will change the actual audio file (if you Freeze Edits), whereas the Info Line method is realtime, and doesn’t modify the actual audio file at all. Both methods have their uses :wink:.

Yes, I understand the difference, but I didn’t know if was even possible to do it real-time in Cubase. Just assumed it wasn’t ‘designed’ to work that way and if you wanted that, you’d need a sampler. :slight_smile: