Pitch shifting audio samples in arrangement window

Here we go again, could you please please please add a pitch shift function for samples loaded into the sequencer/arrangement window just as you have added a “transpose” function for the last God knows how many years which uses timestretching. This is so that we can easily match the pitch of drum samples or any other samples on the fly without the timestretch algorithm destroying the timbre of a sound so that they sit nicely together as some of us still like to work the old fashioned way of editing samples in the sequencer/arrangement window as it’s most convenient and simple. This is the most basic and fundamentally important function that every daw should have period and most others do but for some reason Cubase only has that inconvenient way of going to Audio>Processes>Pitch Shift or using the recent sampler or third party samplers. Thanks for doing this in the very near future. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya, this would be nice. I would be happy if you just needed to select ‘tape style’ to do a normal pitch shift but I don’t think this works. (right?)

Afaik “elastique algorithm” is not true pitch without artefacts.