Pitch shifting in C5

Hello all, I have tried using the pitch shift function to change recorded audio multitrack up or down by a maximum of 2 semitones. I have to say that the results have been less than encouraging…

Today I tried raising 8 tracks by 1 semi. The sound became ‘harsher’ but the weird thing is that all the individual tracks lost between .6 and 3 dB. Is this a normal occurrence? I was using the advised algorithm (poly musical?) except for vocals where I used the keep formants function.

If anyone knows a better way to pitch shift, I’d love to hear it because I thought that C5 would be better than this on small pitch increments. Perhaps I should run the tracks individually through Wavelab first and then re import?



All i can do is agree with you bro!
Cubases time stretch/pitch shift algorithm is hopeless!
Well hit and miss at best… i wanted to just tempo shift the run in to a chorus the other day by a couple of bpm and as soon as i turned the audio into musical mode the bass sounded like it was being played under mud, all farts and burbles… sounded like my butt the day after an indian! one of the pianos just fell to bits because of the artefacts caused… it’s the 21st century now and EVERY other DAW has decent time stretch/pitch shifting… so why not cubase?

Luckily i still have my trusty old cool edit pro, an 8 year old app!!!.. never bothered to change up to adobe audition, and i use that if i have to time stretch anything…

I certainly won’t be buying C6 if this is not sorted out… they need to put some coding hours into that and all the other bugs instead of silly gimmicks like poopmash.
What with PT going cross platform now steiny REALLY need to raise their game!

Looks like Waves plug ins the way to go then?