Pitch shifting using transpose in project window WITHOUT timestretch algo

Hi, can you please allow us to change the pitch of audio samples (for layering drum hits) in main project window, I know this can be done using the transpose but this keeps the tempo using the algorithm and this is not good when layering drums because it muddies up the samples especially as you go lower or higher in pitch and messes around with the transients. I know this can be done using groveagent but this is not user friendly especially when you just want to edit samples quickly in project window and this is a fundamental function that most other daws have so please as you can move the transpose to shift audio with algorithm just add one next to that to do it without the algorithm and in smallest increments (very important for matching samples so they sit nicely), this was possible in earlier versions of cubase before timestretching was added iirc.
Also “zoom to a resolution lower than one” is the most annoying message when I tried to zoom in and cut samples, I hope this was addressed if not feel free to do.