Pitch/Tune vocals in Studio 4

Hi there,

I am using Cubase studio 4 version 4.5.3.
I recorded vocals but cannot find a pitcher or tuner to take the flaws out of the vocals. Is this available in this Cubase version or not.

Thanks for your help in advance.



I don’t believe it is, If I remember I believe this is one of the reasons I upgraded to 5 when it came out.

It doesn’t have the "Vari-Audio pitch correct that CB 5, 6 & 7 have but Studio does have 2 other pitch corrects.

There’s a plugin labeled “Pitch Shift - Pitch Correct”

There’s also one under the “audio” tab. Audio/Process/Pitch Shift

Someone correct me if `m wrong, but quite certainly, pitch correct was introduced in V5, and is not available in V4.


Thanks for the replies. I did find under the audio tab>process>transpose. But so far it transposes the whole audio file.
I will look for the pitch shift and pitch corrects again, yet couldn’t find it.

Thanks so far, keep you updated.

I believe thinkingcap is right. Can’t find pitchshift/correct anywhere. Before upgrading have to look for a plug-in somewhere.

I think you may be right on this. I have a plugin called Pitch Fix by Yamaha that I may have downloaded. It is a trial version and seems to have the same architecture as Pitch Correct. In fact, it’s more progressive. I had to go back and look at this, it’s been years since I recorded on Studio 4.

Yes, there is a Pitch Shift under Audio/Process. It’s not a complex function and won’t automatically break down individual notes. You have to cut the parts you want to correct. It’s more time consuming but that’s all you’ll have natively until you aquire a different plug by purchase. If Pitch Shift isn’t going to work for you, I don’t think you’re going to find what you may be looking for in a free download.