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I know this has been addressed before, but I cannot find this. I’m using macOS and iPad OS. Normally when I entered a note - for example an e4 - and after that I type a b, Dorico will register this as b3. When I want to have a b4, I have to type cmd+alt+arrow up.

In the keyboard shortcuts section of the Help menu there is the short key:

Input Pitch ( Pitch: B, Up: true )

However, I cannot have this to work, no matter what combination of ctrl, fn, opt/alt, cmd and shift plus an interval I try. In the Forum I found a topic that explains that Windows and Mac keys are different. However, this makes it only the more confusing.

Is there someone here that can help me? What is the correct Mac command for entering a note pitch up and down?


Hey @MartijnV …there’s something about B on Mac that makes it not work in this specific situation. I hate that too. It works on all non-b notes, but not for any form of B. Because of the inconsistency on this single note, I’ve stopped using the forced octave displacement shortcut.

Something to do with the software codebase that Dorico was built on…

@pianoleo answered this for me awhile back. I’m no programmer so forgive the kludgy answer, but I hope it keeps you from pulling your hair out like I did.

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Yes, unfortunately Shift+Alt+B, which should produce the “B above” note on input, instead produces this character: ı (U+0131 in Unicode). The Qt application framework that Dorico is built upon doesn’t quite handle this correctly, and there’s nothing we in Dorico-land can do about it. We’ve asked them to fix it but so far it hasn’t risen in priority sufficiently for them to have done it.

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Thanks! Quite unfortunate, but nothing to do about it.