Pitch & Warp - possible to adjust timing on multiple notes?

I’m pitch correcting some scratch vocals and while I’m there I’m fixing the timing as well. However fixing timing becomes tedious as it seems to only be able to process one segment at a time. For example lets say in 5 note phrase, the first 4 notes are ahead of the beat. Is it possible to select all 4 and move them over to the right (back) in time? So far I’ve only been able grab and move the front of a segment to adjust time, and even when I have the 4 notes selected, the only one that changes is the first one, which in turn makes the 2nd note shorter. So then I have to lengthen the 2nd notes end, which make the 3rd shorter, I then have to make the 3rds end longer, which makes the 4th note shorter, which is fine as the 5th note is in time.

Instead of having to do all that, is it possible to keep the timing within all selected segments and simply move them over and have it shorten the last selected note?