Pitch Wheel Problems in Dorico 4

I have a M-Audio Keystation 61 MK 3 keyboard controller with a broken pitch wheel, it keeps sending continuous data which causes detuning of sample libraries in both Dorico 4 and Cubase 12. A MIDI filter seems to fix the problem in Cubase, but it appears there is no option of a MIDI filter in Dorico. Is it possible to use a plug in or something address this? I am on a deadline and can’t afford the month long downtime to send the keyboard back for repair/exchange. Any help appreciated!

Welcome. My only suggestion would be not to use a MIDI keyboard with Dorico. Many(?) of us find computer keyboard entry is much faster and more accurate than a MIDI keyboard… (probably not the help you were looking for).

Welcome to the forum David. You might try this thread: Problems with midi keyboard - #4 by dspreadbury


Daniel, I am a DoricoNewbie, so finding things a bit slow. I did find the Recording menu under Play, and the Filter Out Midi Controllers is checked, yet I still have the issue.

Sorry, Leo!

Pitch bend is not a CC like the Mod wheel - it has its own unique MIDI message so it makes sense to me that filtering on controllers wouldn’t help.

If you have a VST that can host other VST (VEP would be perfect) then you could put the filter before the instrument. Otherwise… I’d be real tempted to buy a small keyboard for back up and maybe other uses. Sorry for your loss, to me its kind of like the pain when a necessary appliance dies (like the coffee machine) and you just end up having to get one. :slight_smile: