Pitchbend (and controller) data editing

On a MIDI track (of course)

Let’s imagine I’ve recorded a track with some pitchbend, and I wish to edit it.
I go to the editor.
In the lower part of the editor, I select Pitchbend from the left hand column.
OK. Now I can see my pitchbend information in the right hand pane.

1.Why is there no ‘reduce’ function, like there is for Automation editing?
Surely this data could be thinned out.
It would make it far easier to edit.
2. What is the central ‘Dentente’ position of the pitchbend wheel (Neither positive nor negative)?
Shouldn’t that be listed as Zero, and we have values above and below that?
It would be less confusing

You see, using the onscreen pitchbend (or modulation) wheel is very imprecise.
Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could nominate a start and end point,
and have it plot a nice line inbetween?
or a nice curve?