Pitchbend automation in MIDI editor?


I’m wondering how to make pitchbend automation and modulation in overall smooth and good in Cubase inside of the MIDI editor.

Lets say I want to DRAW in pitchbend automation inside of the MIDI editor. Like a tapestop effect.

Which tool should I use to draw it? In Ableton I have precise notevalues that snaps to the 0 value point, inside of cubase its extremely hard to get back to the 0 value point and so on.

What would you guys suggest? make it as normal automation or modulation inside of the MIDI editor?

I’ve really tried to like the modulations inside of the MIDI editor (you know, the place where u choose to draw in velocity and other stuff).

What do you guys do? and how can I get it to the exact value I want, faster?

Is automation preferred over modulation iside of the MIDI Clip? I need help on this one, I’ve been scratching my head over and over again for this.

This is what I do now: but the other way around to get the tapestop effect, from 0 and down only.


The best that Cubase has to offer for finding the central point of the pitch bend curve as a starting point, is to watch the little numerical display just underneath the PitchBend lane name as you move the mouse. Sorry it isn’t better news :wink:.