Pitchbend edit not possible in cubase le 11

Hello, I just upgraded to cubase le 11 because of the possibility to edit pitchbend curves. I have a roli seaboard which has 48 semitones and editing without the possibility to zoom to the first 2/4 semitones makes impossible to really edit pitchbend, anyone has a workaround?

Hi and welcome,

You probably mean Cubase Elements 11. Cubase LE 11 has not been released (yet).

What do you mean by this, please? Would you expect more vertical space? You can resize the Controller Lane. Does it help?

As roli seaboard has 48 semitones without being able to zoom the first -5+5 ( the one more likely you will pitchbend) it is almost impossible to edit accurately. I would post an example where I pitchbend 7 semitones maximum zoom but can’t find how to send a picture


To be honest, I don’t know any DAW, where you can Zoom In Controller Lane Vertically.

Please add Feature Request tag.