Pitchbend in patterns always sent to first kit only

So I think I found a weird bug in Groove Agent patterns. If I have patterns on different kits, any pitchbend in any pattern will always be sent to the first kit only.

Here’s my setup: I have 4 different midi tracks, 4 vst instrument tracks and one Groove Agent track with 4 kits loaded. Each midi track has one of the 4 groove agent kits as an input. Each midi track outputs to a different VST instrument. Patterns for kit 1 play in the vst that midi 1 is attached to, patterns for kit 2 to vst instrument 2 etc. Works great for live starting and stopping loops for different vsts.

However, if I have a pitchbend in a pattern in kit 2, the pitchbend is instead sent to the kit 1 vst instrument. All other notes are played in vst instrument 2 normally but not the pitchbend. It doesn’t even send the pitchbend to vst instrument 2, only to vst1. If I just play the midi straight on the vst2 track, it does do the pitchbend. I haven’t tried kit 3 and 4 yet since after realizing this was what was happening I already spent 2 hours troubleshooting if my routing was somehow wrong. But nope, can’t find a way how only the pitchbend is routed to a different vst.

Edit: Tested kit 3 and 4. same problem. Pitchbend is always sent to kit 1.

Or maybe I still haven’t found some weird setting somewhere in Groove Agent?