pitchbend issue

Hi is this a bug?..using cubase pro 9 on osx 10.11…when I do midi from my controller my pitch bend info is off by a few…I dont and never had this problem in cubase 7…but now lets say I use pitch bend for a guitar track…it seems to add a few events b4 I use it…either down or up…any help would be useful

thank you


Do you know, when is it up and when is it down?

Are you sure, it’s not a HW issue?

No problems with it in Pro Tools 12 nor Logic Pro X …I think it mite be a plugin that Im using in Cubase 9…and yes I knoiw when its up or down…nothing wrong with my controller.

OK…its not my controller but the plug in cubase pro 9…solved it by putting the same ones on from cubase 7…seems that c9 amps generated a pitchbend signal b4 usage and dont ackcuratly stop when bending.

How can you route the MIDI signal from the plug-in to the MIDI Track?

if i use the vst amp simulators from cubase 9…I get the problem…so instead I am not using them and just using eq, distortion compressor etc to get the sound I want…the vst amp simulator in cubase 7 does not give me this problem but in cubase 9 it does…the problem is sort of like if you use your pitch bend at 0 move it up on down then release it…it should go back to zero…the problem I get is that instead of going to zero it goes a few under and stays there for a few…thus giving the sound flat after usuage…had my controller checked out and its fine…its the vst/bass amp simulator that does it.


Can you see the distance even on the written MIDI data? Could you share the project (via PM and Dropbox), please?

update…no longer using vst rack by steinberg…problem went away but now a few notes go out of tune…it is not pitch bend doing it…has to be something in cubase 9…cos this plugin works great in cubase 7…any suggestions?..the plugin is les paul 4 by musiclab…also noticing when I play piano along with the tracks it sometimes sounds out of tune…definatly something in cubase 9…I can do the same in cubase 7 with no problem…any suggestions?..when is th enew patch coming for cubase pro 9?


Could you share the project, please?

The problem I had was that any 3rd party or steinberg vst instrument would go out of tune if I used the pitchbend…the pitchbend graph would show it to under the zero mark if I used the pitchbend to go up or down…Also it would randomly move it down without even touchin it.

To solve this problem go under note expression for said instrument… Select pitchbend…make sure that Midi as NoteExp is checked.

Now when you use the pitchbend it will become part of the note and no graph can be seen like if you wanted to see velocity in editor. To see the pitchbend graph in editor double click selected desired note in editor. Pitch bend goes at start and ending correctly now…Also I mite add is that the pitchbended notes are now colored so you know which ones are and arent.

If you dont check Midi as NoteExp you get the pitchbend extra data and your sound will go in and out of tune. Wished Steinberg could inform about this.

Thank you to Martin.Jirsak for trying to help in the beginning.