Pitchbend Note Values

I don’t have a USB keyboard so I do all my note inputting via the virtual keyboard or else step edit and note drawing. I drew in a pitchbend ramp down of one ocatve and went to list editor to fine tune it but the data values go up above 8000 from what I could see so I could not tie them to specific notes on the chromatic scale. I would like to know firstly what each corresponding note in the octave is in pitchbend value please and also how to reset pitchbend to off? I’m using Cubase 5.5.3

An octave has 12 semitones…

Yes I already knew that thanks but what I wanted to know was what different notes exact pitchbend value is. Steinberg seem to use 1000’s of increment values for pitchbend data and if you are doing manual pitchbend editing it is useful to know what the corresponding values are i.e. C3 = xxx
I’m not talking Hz either, I mean the pitchbend data value listed in the list editor which seems to go from 0 to over 8000.

Pitchbend is a 14 bit controller, and therefore has range of 163486 possible values. That is not Steinberg specific, but GM standard.
The Pitchbend range is defined in the instrument, not by the pitchbend wheel or Cubase.
So if your instrument has a pitchbend range of one octave up and down, bending by one semitone can be calculated by:
8192 (Pitchbend range values) / 12 (semitones) = 682,6 (values per semitone)

Thanks, now I understand it better. :slight_smile:

Sorry, typo: It´s 16384 of course