Pitchbend range adjusting


Many years ago i used to record MIDI with a Roland GR30 guitar synth. The pitchbend range set +/- 24 to get accurate pitchbend /modulation info. It works fine when i use VSTI’s with a pb range +/- 24.
However, the VSTi guitars I own (Realeight/strat/LP) have a max pb range of 12.

I can’t seem to find a quick way to edit (doubling the value) the pb info in the controller lane (set to semitones).
Note by note adjusting is very time consuming.

Cubase 11 pro.

Anyone got an idea how to speed up this process?


The pitchbend range is always defined on the instrument itself.
If your instrument of choice can not go above ±12 semitones, you are simply out of luck.


Perhaps I was not clear, when I double the recorded pb data it works fine with a set +/- 12 pb range in Realstrat/eight/LP. But if I select ALL the data and double it it doesn’t seem to do the job so I need to do it note by note. I was wondering if there is a quicker way.

I don’t know what this means. Perhaps a screenshot to help explain your issue?

Sorry, meant to say ‘double the VALUE of the pb data’. When a note gives a pb value of +2,50 and i double it to 5,0 the realguitar follows fine set at +12 pb. Again sorry for the confusion. :frowning: