Pitchbend/riser on entire mix?

You often hear in EDM before the drop where almost the entire mix (minus the percussion) gets pitch bent up or glides higher. Just wondering if this is a plugin, stock or 3rd party, or some other function available on Cubase to do this without having to do this on each instrument individually?

Endless smile.

To enable this sort of thing I have a pre-mixbus bus, where all instrument and vocal group buses go, the drum and percussion bus goes straight to the mixbus.

And what do you use to do the bending?

Also curious as to what you use to do the bending. I’d like to do a lot of fun EDM drops in some of my friend’s music for fun.

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Search endless smile vst on google.

sorry…thanks. I thought your post was tongue in cheek.


Note I said “sort of thing” not necessarily pitchbend :laughing: I’m talking (in my case) about things like Izotope Stutter which I want to apply to large swathes of the mix but not necessarily everything.