Pitchbend Samples?

Hello all-

I’m in 8.5. How do I get a sample into the piano roll and “play” the sample using portamento/pitchbend with a midi keyboard?

I’ve tried loading the sample into Groove Agent SE and spreading the sample chromatically across the pads as stated in the Groove Agent manual, but I can’t seem to get any portamento between the pads, no matter how much I mess around with the pitchebend settings.

Any advice? Thanks for any help!


Did you try to use the real Portamento MIDI CCs? Portamento On/Off: CC65; Portamento Time: CC5.


Thanks for the reply. I haven’t tried the MIDI CCs. What I’m hoping to do is be able to play real time with the samples (on the keyboard for example).


To be honest, I wouldn’t expect this from Groove Agent. It’s a drum sampler. HALion will handle it, I’m 100% sure.

If you have Padshop Pro you can load a sample in it. There’s glide/portamento in Padshop…

Thanks for this. I’m now able to “play” a sample I drag into PadShop Pro, but a few questions still remain:

  1. The portamento/pitchbend doesn’t work with a vocal sample very well. Is there a setting I am missing?

  2. The playback speed changes (e.g.- lower notes play the sample slower, higher faster). Is there any way to have the sample play back at the original speed, but still in different pitches?

Thanks for any help!

I know I’m not the first to say it- but GEEZ, the samplers included in the base versions of FL Studio and Ableton are just so easy and powerful.

I LOVE Cubase, but HATE that I still have to go into FL Studio to get samples edited, properly eveloped, and onto a piano roll.

I suggest you watch the tutorial:

Groove agent is also great tool for dragging / editing samples . I also suggest you watch the Steinberg tutorial it should on YouTube.


Thanks for the advice, but I have already watched the video and read up plenty on PadShop’s features. As stated in the original post, I’ve already tried GASE4, and the portamento is not an option unless automated or used by a controller.

I guess I should be more clear. Here is my ultimate goal:

When triggering pitched samples across the keyboard, is there any way to have ALL samples play back at the original speed, while changing pitch? As of now, if you are playing the root note, it is normal speed. As you go up in pitch, the sample plays faster and vice versa.

Example: Guitar sample that has a half-step bend, played at the same speed, when played lower or higher in pitch so that the bend is always happening at the same point in the beat and also the ability to use portamento/glide.