PitchCorrect...A simple request(or not)

The PitchCorrect plug-in is certainly a great plugin to use for pitch correcting as I extensively use it for several things, I was wondering whether it would be possible to reduce its current latency of 1764 samples. It would be great to use live :slight_smile:


Hello DanielAyo,

reducing the latency is not possible for this kind of algorithm, I’m afraid.

Thats understandable, thanks for the fast response. :wink:

A quick question…In order to calculate the delay caused, is it merely the case of dividing the sample latency by the samplerate of the project?


Yes. In case of a sample rate of 44100 Hz the latency of Pitch Correct would be 40 ms

Ok that’s great to know. Thanks again for the quick response! :slight_smile: