PitchCorrect bug in Scale Source "External-MIDI Note" mode

On C6. Basically I have the pitch correct plugin as an insert on a vocal track. The scale source is set to “External MIDI Note”. I then have a MIDI track that is playing the notes of the vocals, hence pitch correcting the vocals to the MIDI events played on the keyboard.

The problem is that PitchCorrect tends to get “stuck” on some note (say “A”) whenever there is no corresponding midi value, and corrects all in-between audio to “A”. The result is similar to playing a synth with polyphony set to MONO, and turning on portamento. The notes just keep gliding between the midi notes and “A”.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Too many variables. That is why it’s quicker to use your ears and play the midi. And easier too unless you have a disability playing the notes in which case my answer would need a rethink.

First off, I haven’t used the Steinberg inbuilt pitch shift with midi, and even using Autotune7 with midi I wasn’t that impressed with it’s usefulness. But in general I find that real-time pitch correction using an insert isn’t the same each play-through for some reason, and I don’t like the variability. So, I generally (and painstakingly sometimes) proceed through each section of vocal (sometimes single notes) tuning it using off-line processing. I select a scale or select the correct bunch of notes, and then apply the effect. This I think is the only surefire method of getting a 100% accurate and repeatable result.

Anyway, for your midi case, perhaps if you made the midi notes completely legato, i.e. with no gaps in them? You can do this by selecting all the midi notes, dragging their ends so that they all definitely overlap. Then with all the notes still selected, constrain the polyphony to 1 (sorry, can’t remember the menu name, but right click on a note and look through for ‘set polyphony’ or something like that). Then each note ending will be set to the start of the next note, they will be legato. This might help.


I discovered the same thing and it is a BUG in Pitchcorrect. When no MIDI note is being received the output should be MUTED. Furthermore, the plugin should hold the last MIDI value until the next one is received, not jump back to some arbitrary “A” default value. That would result in less slurring/glitching when the note resumes.

I have found a workaround. Insert “MIDI Gate” on your audio track and use the MIDI signal to mute the audio between notes. This is more work to set up but may actually work out well since MIDI Gate gives you attack and decay control to deal with those quiet sections.

I also found another trick when using MIDI notes to control Pitchcorrect. If you offset the MIDI track slightly forward (-10ms or so) and then use a speed setting of 95 on Pitchcorrect (not 100) it seems to reduce the glitching that sometimes occurs at the note starts. The MIDI pre-roll seems to give Pitchcorrect a little time to work before the actual audio note arrives.

Just some ideas. :wink:

Not sure what your response is saying, exactly. I DO use my ears and I DO play those notes as MIDI. The issue is that the plugin corrects to the notes I play, and then gets “stuck” on some random note, correcting audio in between the recorded MIDI notes TO that mystery note.

I have been using Cubase as a DAW for over a decade, and have many different ways/tools available to me to achieve pitch correction, some of which are quicker or easier than others. That, however, is not the point.

The point of my post is that the plugin either works as advertised, or it doesn’t. And I’m looking to see if people have noticed the same thing, to find out whether this is a bug in the system that Steinberg needs to address, or some weird glitch unique to my setup.

Thanks for the MIDI gate idea. I will definitely give it a try! And yes, I offset my MIDI notes too, sometimes forward and other times back. Actually, the majority of the time, my midi notes are shorter than the corresponding audio notes; this way I still achieve desired correct pitch where it matters most in the audio, while not losing vibrato, and other unique vocal characteristics such as breath etc.

Yeah, I hear you on correcting vocals by “hand” so to speak, one note at a time. It’s like raking the lawn: you need to do it to have a great looking yard… doing it however, sucks :mrgreen: .

Thanks for the legato suggestion. The problem is that I don’t want to have it correcting on every single note in the vocal, only where it’s needed. Mind you, some vocals I’ve worked with over the years, it’s been needed almost everywhere :laughing:

I am having the same problem! It truly is frustrating. I am, however, using Cubase Studio 5. I do the same thing about trying to maintain a natural tone to the voice and only correct what needs to be corrected, and that random note just comes through. I tried the MIDI gate idea and that didn’t quite work. Once I applied the gate, no sound came out at all. Maybe there are some settings that I’m just not sure about. Did anyone ever have success fixing this problem?

Anyone ever find a solution to this? it’s basically broken isn’t it…