Pitchdriver - only mono?

Hey there,

I was wondering - is there a way to get pitchdriver to work in stereo? It always reduces to mono when inserted on a stereo track. Is this a technical limitation? Quite a shame as it works very well and intuitively for automating pitch changes etc.

Cheers for any tips!

4 years later and I just encountered the same problem. Must be a technical limitation. Is there another pitch processor in Nuendo that can perform real time pitch shifting?

I use Pitch Driver all of the ime, and I never had any problems with it working in Stereo.
Which version are you using?


I’m on Nuendo 6.5 and I think 5 at the time back then was the same.
Really, does it keep stereo information? For me it collapses to mono every time. Back then I solved it by splitting to two tracks and copying the pitch automation… but if this actually was solvable differently . . .

Just tried again, and it works flawless.
I use it pretty often for making cartoon voices, but also for slowing down music -for example for SloMo sequences-.
I don’t remember that I ever had a problem with that.