Pitched and unhitched percussion and staff labels

I’m working with a large wind band score with multiple percussionists playing both pitched and non-pitched instruments. I have combined the non-pitched instruments into a kit for each player and adjusted the staff label accordingly so they read "Percussion 4 (sus. cym., etc.) My challenge is that Percussion 1, 2 & 3 all play pitched and non-pitched instruments. Can I combine them into a kit as I did with Perc. 4 so that I can correct my part label?

Here’s how Perc. 1 looks… How do I make it look like Perc. 4?

First of all, have you triples checked your Layout Options for any difference in Staff Labels.

Secondly, would you be able to paste the project. I don’t know enough off the top of my silly head!

It’s all good; the frame chain had gotten changed and when I changed it back to MA, everything worked fine. Thanks!

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