Pitched cues still not easily doable in Dorico 4?

Congratulations to the Dorico team on many notable improvements. I don’t meant to be obtuse, but am I wrong in thinking it’s still not an easy task to make a pitched cue on a percussion staff? I had grand hopes that we could now that we can add a cue from any instrument to an unpitched staff—it defaults to unpitched, sure, but by changing the clef to treble/bass/etc. we should be able to see the pitches.

Alas, that appears not to be the case in D4… unless I have missed something? (And yes, I know that I can “just” add a pitched instrument to the perc. player and cue into that staff, but it becomes complicated with instrument changes that have to be hidden, clefs not always appearing in the right places, etc. I’m hoping to avoid workarounds and be able to use Dorico’s gloriously beautiful cue system, even with a 5-line percussion staff!)

It’s still not yet possible to cue pitched instruments to unpitched percussion instruments, I’m afraid.

High5ths, I don’t know about the convention. Have you spoken to a percussion player? Would they rather prefer pitched cues, or are they aware of other things? :thinking:

Lillie_Harris, thanks for the (disappointing) reply.

K_b, I was a percussionist for years when I was younger, and I can assure you that pro players can appreciate pitched cues as much as anybody else in the room. While an unpitched cue is occasionally useful enough, the same rules about cueing apply when making a percussion part: use an instrument from the same section if possible (another percussion instrument), or use an instrument that might be physically nearby (horns, for example), or use very prominent musical material easily heard elsewhere in the orchestra. It’s really limiting to only have easy access to unpitched cues in a percussion part.


Jeffrey Grossman

While that may be a laudable goal for Dorico, as a retired professional WW player, it doesn’t matter either way. The name of the instrument in the cue and the rhythm- pitched or not- is sufficient.

The fix for putting cues in percussion falls way below the standard expected by publishers. I cannot in good conscience recommend this to our composers until this is fixed. The rhythmic cues now available in Dorico 4 are a poor solution.

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It’s annoying, and I completely agree that it should be automatic, but it only takes a few seconds to hide the instrument change name and to cue into a pitched instrument that has been added to the player.