Pitched Percussion Staff Labels

Hi Dorico Team,

I have noticed a lot of requests for Staff Labels that show “Percussion 1”, “Percussion 2” etc. in the left margin of systems (i.e. show the player name instead of the player instrument) with the Instrument name shown above the given staff (at the beginning of every system). I believe this is possible with unpitched instruments in kits, but is this possible for pitched instruments too?

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Is this what you’re looking for?

Ah, although the instrument label above the staff wouldn’t automatically go along with that. Dorico will only do that automatically for players holding multiple instruments.

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Hi Lillie, thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

It does appear indeed at the start of the flow, but is it possible for the instrument label to appear at the start of every system, whilst still having the player name in the usual staff label position? For example, the start of a random page, first system: “Perc. 1” in the left margin, and “Xylophone” above the staff (should there be music present).

Not automatically, I don’t think so. You could manually add text items that you then hide in the parts.

An alternative is to use the player group label feature – put each percussionist in their own group, show player group labels, and show instrument names in staff labels? but for percussionists only playing one instrument at a time, this probably isn’t really what you’re after.

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Thanks, Lillie - the player group method works well as an alternative! It would be great to have this feature though in the future :slight_smile: many thanks again! :smile: